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Automatic Tension Controller

ST-6400 Automatic tension controller

ST-6400 Automatic tension controller
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1. Speficications

ModelsST-6400F(feedback model)ST-6400R(rolling model)
OverviewBeing a part of a closed-loop tension control system, ST-6400F, a digital full automatic tension controller with feedback signal of tension detectors, would certainly provide a pretty high precision. It sells well at home and abroad due to its friendly user interface and the display of both graphic LCD and LED as well as the novel design.The controller has outputs of 0~24V for the directly driving of magnetic powder brake/clutch , 0~10V/0~5V/-5~5V to drive the frequency converter,torque motor,servo motor and other actuators.It is a perfect solution for tension control in many industries such as paper,packaging,printing,textile printing and dyeing and so onBeing a member of the tension controller family produced by True Engine,ST-6400R is the one with a function of calculating reel diameter. It will calculate the reel diameter full-automatically or semi-automatically depending on the method of diameter measuring.It has both graphic LCD and LED displays with a friendly user interface as well as an innovative design. The controller has output of 0~24V/4A for direct driving of magnetic powder brake/clutch, and an auxiliary output of 0~10V/0~5V for frequency converter, torque motor/torque motor driver, servo motor/servo motor driver and other actuators.It is an ideal solution for tension control in industries such as paper, packaging, printing, textile printing and dyeing.
Characteristics●Friendly user interface with selectable English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese versions
●32 bit CPU guarantees the speed, precision, liability and anti-jamming capability
●Two starting modes of " level " and " speed "
●The function of biaxial switch and preacceleration
●Bumpless switchover between auto/manual operation
●Function of auto-saving the preset tension parameters on power off
●Parameter password protection for misoperation
●Military-grade switching power supply with over-current and overheat protection guarantees a long term reliable operation
●Unique technology of automatic acceleration/deceleration detection guarantees the simultaneous tension adjustments automatically
●uinque " caculation taper " technique for controlling the linear taper tension control
●different motion tension sensor and strain tension sensor can be selected
●can show different parameters on LED, LCD screen
●automatic caculating mode/semi-automatic mode can be switched
●0-10V/0-5Vor -5V- +5V auxiliary output can be flexibly drive many different organization
Supply voltageAC 220V±10% 50/60HZ
Outputcontrol output0~4A/0~24V
auxiliary output0-10V, 0-20mA
sensor supply output24V, 5V
Control modeautomatic/manual
Otherworking humidityfrostless relative humidity < 80%RH
connect groundsafe ground
working environmentnon-corrosive dust-free and anhydrous
Characterristics1. tension display : 0~10T
2. current display : 0~4A
3. display mode : 128*64 LED
4.taper control : vague taper control mode
5.signal led : automatic/manual, output, warning, PLC communication, A/Baxies working condition
6.taper tension controller
Other1.accuracy of tension controller : 1%;
2.range of tension controller : 0~200Kgf , 0~10T;
3.sensitivity : 0.1Kgf
Weightabout 2.5kg

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