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Automatic Tension Controller

ST-9400 intelligent tension controller

ST-9400 intelligent tension controller
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1. Specifications :

OverviewST-9400 not only can supply 0-24V/4A or 0-36V/3A output power for magnetic powder brake/clucth but also has many auxiliary output that can drive transducer torque motor/servo motor drive fexiblly .It can connect external tensionmeter or PLC to realize multiple display and automatic control. accurate simutaneously switch of biaxies can be realized ,unique PID can realize accurate non-surpass stable tension control.It can check the accerlation and decceration automatically.
ST-9400F can feedback in single loop mode and it can also control bi-loop tension and floating roll tension controlST-9400R not only can control the calculation tension of single loop but also can control the tension of bi-loop floating roll tension control
Characteristics●Friendly user interface with selectable English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese versions
●Display of various parameters and operation modes on both LCD and LED screen
●initate double loop control,powerful function,can be used to build tension control system.
●Speed synchronization technology for biaxial switch
●Acceleration and deceleration automatic detection .intelligent adjustment without manual operation.
●self-adaption PID caculation to guarantee dynamic process control
●extended RS-485 socket. If use PPI though communication protocol the PLC , PC can be connected to form distributed control system .
●Feedback tension control can be realized  by differetial tension controller or strain tension sensor .
●Unique taper caculationtechnique for linear taper tension control in feedback controller .
●External proximity switch or  encoder can realize caculating  tension control .
●Has the long-distance operation preset fuction and external analog input rolling function .
●Inside rolling outside rolling and analog input rolling canbe selected .
Supply voltageAC 180-245V 50/60Hz
OutputMain output modeDC 0-4A/0-24V(magnetic powder clutch/brake)
Auxiliary outputDC 0-10V 0-20mA analog output
Installation size230mm*150mm*120mm
Measurement accuracy±1N
Samplingspeed10 millisecond
Working environmentnon-corrosive ,dust-free and anhydrous
Characteristics1. Chinese and English LCD display
2. manual operation or automatic operation
3. easy installation and convenience
4. parameter setting is convenient
5. Biaxial output function
6. get though the Modbus protocol and easy to manage multiple machines
7. Main output mode and auxiliary output mode can be seletcted
Communication functionRS-485 can be used with multipled tension controllers , and connect with PLC directly
Weightabout 1kg

2. Terminal introduction :

left side terminals

NumberNameTypeTechnical parametersIntoduction
1PSL,PSNinputAV 220V±10%,50HZController for AC power supply
2PEinputsafe groundconnect with machine and ground
3E00output0-24Voutput warning signal
4E01output0-24VA axie transducer /actuatorstart signal
5E02output0-24VB axie transducer /actuatorstart signal
6E03output0-24VA axie transducer changing model signal
7E04output0-24VB axie transducer changing model signal
824V+,24V-outputDC 24Vapproach switch and control the current of signal
9MC0input0-24Vmaximun Pulse frequency 15KHZthe main axie proximity switch signal input signal
10MC1input0-24Vstart/stop control signal input terminal
11MC2input0-24Vinput terminal of    pre-output selectable signal
12MC3input0-24V    maximun Pulse frequency    15KHZinput terminal of A axie proximity swicth
13MC4input0-24V    maximun Pulse frequency    15KHZinput terminal of B axie proximity swicth
14MC5input0-24Vinput terminalof biaxie swicth signal
15MC6input0-24Vinput termianal of preacceleration signal

right side terminals

NumberNameTypeTechnical parametersIintoduction
1AI1-AGNDinput0-5VFloating roll potentiometer/output terminal of A axie rolling analog signal
2AI2-AGNDinput0-5Vexternal tension set/ output terminal of analog B axie signal
3PEinput input terminal of left tension sensor shielded wire
4L+input0-200mV or 0-10mVinput signal anode terminal of tension sensor
5L-inputinput signal cathode terminal of tension sensor
65V+outputDC5Vleft/right anode terminal of tension sensor
75V-outputleft/right cathode terminal of tension sensor
8R+input0-200mV or 0-10mVinput anode terminal of righttension sensor signal
9R-inputinput cathode terminal of righttension sensor signal
10PEinput access terminal of right tension sensor shielded wire
11Vout1-AOCoutputDC 0-10V or 0-5Vauxiliary output voltage 1 connect A axie actuator
12Vout2-AOCoutputDC 0-10V or 0-5Vauxiliary output voltage 2 connect B axie actuator
13Vout3-AOCoutputDC(-5V-+5V)auxiliary output voltage 3 connect A axie actuator
14Iout1-AOCoutputDC 0-20mA or 4 -20mAauxiliary output voltage 1 connect A axie actuator
15MC6outputDC 0-24V/4A or 0-36V/3Aconnect A axie magnetic powder brake/clutch
16NCoutputDC 0-24V/4A or 0-36V/3Aconnect B axie magnetic powder brake/clutch

3. Panel introduction :


4. Effect picture :

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