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Manual Tension Controller

ST-200P manual tension controller

ST-200P manual tension controller
  • Product nameST-200P manual tension controller
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Charaticristics :

• Protection of overcurrent ,overheat and shortcircuit. Safe and Reliable
• Elaborate loopy adjustment
• Multi-controll models (knob controll/ external PLC controll/external potentiometer )
• Output voltage : 24V/36V/48V
• Constant current: 2A/3A/4A/5A

Specifications :

ModelsOutput voltageMaximum powerMaximum output curren

   Attention : the maximum current of custom-made ST-200P is 2A

   Port connection instruction :

5VAssist voltage outputAOVoltage feedbackPEGround wire
SETcontrol siteVout+magnetic powder clutch/brakeL220V/50HZ
20110120154840.jpgAttention:AO is feedback output voltage ,it changes among 0-5V simultaneously with current.

Controll modes :

1. Panel controller mode : Jumper cap insert at PANEL

2. external PLC controll :

a. PLC output 0-5V jumper cap insert at the socket 0-5V

b. PLC output 0-10V jumper cap insert at the socket 0-10V

c. PLC output 0-20mA jumper cap insert at the socket 0-20mA

3. external potentiometric controller :jumper cap insert at the socket 0-5V


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