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Manual Tension Controller

ST-200 multifunctional manual tension controller

ST-200 multifunctional manual tension controller
  • Product nameST-200 multifunctional manual tension controller
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Functional characteristics :

   • Adopt technique of PFM and PWM overcurrent protection
   • Three selectable models (constant voltage/ constant current/ constant power) , External potentiometer and external PLC controller
   • input power: AC180~260V,50/60HZ
   • output: DC 0~24V/0~4A(magnetic powder clutch/ detent)
   • Multiple installation modes: console mode , wall-mounted mode and inlay mode
   • Thick and thin shell can be choosed
   • operating environment: -10℃-65℃relative humidity under 85RH

Secification :

ModeOutput voltageMaximum power outputMaximum current output
ST-200DC 0-24V≤100W4A

Port connection Introductions :

5VAssist voltage outputAOVoltage feedbackground wire
SETcontrol siteVout+magnetic powder clutch/ brakeLAC180~260V
 Attention: AO is feedback output voltage ,it changes among 0-5V simultaneously with current.

Control mode :

1. Panel control
2. External PLC controll
3. External potentiometer control

Installation size :

  1. ST-200 thin shell


ST-200 thin shell only adopts Embedded installation

  2. ST-200 thickness shell


ST-200 thickness shell can adopt three installations (console mode , wall-mounted mode and inlay mode)

Effect picture :

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