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EPC-200 servo deviation controller

EPC-200 servo deviation controller
  • Product nameEPC-200 servo deviation controller
  • Product introduction

    EPC-200 adopts the 32 bit CPU which drives the servo motor ,PI caculation is adopted ,it has accuracy ,quick response time and  supports tracing edge ,centring and tracing wire.

Products detailed

1.tracing edge ,centring and tracing wire. photoelectric sensor ultrasonic sensor and shadeguide sensor.
3.PI caculation is adopted ,it has accuracy ,quick response time speed, 400 microsecond response time speed 40mm/s,thrust>=250Kg,maximun thrust weight 2.5 ton
6.analog signal 16 bit AD sampling ,sampling speed 700000/s
7.FIR digtal filter ,return different filter,anti-interference
8.DC servo motor pushes the roll thread
9.simple chinese/traditional chinese /English can be chosen
10.Modbus embeded in PLC


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